lil_tea (lil_tea) wrote,

My lolita Wishlist! A girl can dream right?

Since I've managed to loose some weight  so lots of my stuff on my wishlist are becoming a reality to be able to I'm gonna list them here. :D These are pictures I've found around this site or on google of things I want. ^.^

Shoes from Lokisa

F+F Black bunny coat

Angelic Pretty Milky Way cutsaw

AP Heart skirt

AP bunny cutsaw

AP shoes in L

Complete Mermaid twinkle set ***MAJOR DREAM PRINT****

Bodyline Wa lolita

AP bolero to match my skirt

Miracle Candy JSK sax with matching items. Purse, headbow and socks.

BtSSB Cutsaw

BtSSB pink bunny coat.

The list will go on....

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