lil_tea (lil_tea) wrote,

My other passion, hedgehogs!

Besides being into lolita fashion, my first  love are my hedgehogs! I'm trying to become a USDA licensed breeder as soon as possible! Even though I want to keep it small time.


Speaking of breeding, I bred my girl Tiki about a month ago and guess what?! Sweet little chirpers were born, here is what I typed up on a hedgehog forum I go to frequently:


Tiki finally had her litter yesterday! (9/26/ 09) My mom told me she probably did have them when she replaced her water for me last night. (I've been down with the flu since Thursday, kinda feeling better today) I just peaked in for a second today to make sure all was well and she seems to be tending to them like a good first momma. I think she has a couple three hoglets in with her, maybe more, but I couldn't tell because I didn't want to disturb her more than I already might have.

I just can't wait to see them in a couple weeks!

Also I'm not sure if my other girl Kiwi took or not. :< I'll just have to wait and find out! She should be due in a couple of weeks still.


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