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Can I ever catch a break?

First I try and get scammed out of my bank account two weeks ago so that I'm over 10k in debt....which luckly didn't happen. Then I almost get my identity STOLEN! WTF! ]

All I'm trying to do is sell my things so I can afford gas and a few cute things from time to time.

And no I don't have a job, do you know why? No one in this whole  F'ing area I'm in is hiring! I've applied to over 50 places now and have been rejected everytime! I'm gonna run out of things to sell soon. ;____; I am seriously crying. Why me? Why can I find a decent paying job close to home so I can go to college. Hopefully I can get all online classes because I cannot afford to drive 30 minutes everyday there and 30 minutes back this winter.

Pretty much my life has gone down the pooper and into the sewers. I just wanna kill myself in the most literal sense.

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